Baby Safe Sleeping & Winter Months

The nights are getting colder and winter is almost here, and many of you may be asking, what is the best way to keep your baby warm, snug and safe at night? Bubs Baby Shop have done the research for you and compiled these points below for you to consider.

1. Place your baby on their back to sleep. Babies are more at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) when they sleep face down. If your bub is face down they can’t get rid of body heat as efficiently and can’t kick off excess bedding - both of these factors contribute to overheating, a risk factor of SIDS. 

2. Babies are safest without soft bedding items around them. This includes pillows, quilts/doonas/duvets, cot bumpers and soft toys, all of which can end up over the bub’s face. Sheets need to be tucked in firmly or fitted so that they can’t come loose.  Pillows, quilts, doonas, duvets are not recommended for bubs under 1 year of age.

3. Be careful not to overheat your baby! Most babies will complain bitterly if they are too hot and often sweat at the back of the neck. Be aware that sweaty skin can feel cool to touch, so don’t rely entirely on how bub's skin feels. Cold dry feet, arms and hands are generally a sign of being a bit too cool, so add a layer of clothing or a blanket etc.

4. If your baby is very young and still being wrapped or swaddled, you just have to check bub frequently and add or remove clothing or blankets as necessary. 

5. If the temperature in your home is fairly constant then just cover baby with similar bedding to what you use for yourself. The general rule is, add one extra layer of clothing to a baby, than you are wearing. If you have a t-shirt on, put your Bub in a T-shirt with a singlet underneath.

6. It is advised never to put a hood or head covering on your baby while they are sleeping at night, your bub will be less able to cool down if required.

7. Baby sleeping bags are a safe alternative to Blankets, Duvet & Quilts. Well fitting, baby sleeping bags, when used correctly, are potentially one of the safest forms of bedding for your bub. While the bub has complete freedom of movement within the bag, the fitted neck and armholes ensure that there is no danger of either slipping in or out, provided the bub is placed in the correct size baby sleeping bag for his age/weight. Therefore, provided also that a suitable level of nightwear is worn, they can sleep safely at a pleasant and constant temperature throughout the night. Sleeping bags are not recommended for Bubs under 6 weeks of age. It is important to never use your baby sleeping bag with a duvet or quilt.

Please remember the above information is a guide only. Should you wish to seek further advice please visit you local Doctor or Health Professional. Bubs Baby Shop hope you and your Bub have safer, snug night sleeps this winter.


Grobags baby sleeping bags are designed to keep babies and toddlers at a safe comfortable sleeping temperature all night long. They are lined inside and out with 100% cotton fabric and are available in a variety of TOG's (a TOG is the thermal rating of garment) and sizes. Grobag® baby sleeping bags meet all relevant Australian Standards and safety guidelines. They are a safe alternative to blankets and top sheets.

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