The Joolz Day is designed around the human body, that of the parent and of the child; the smart ergonomic design helps maintain correct posture and gives maximum support to you and your baby.

This special edition has a stylish brown leatherette handlebar and safety bar whilst still featuring all your favourite features of the Joolz Day.

  • Suitable for use from birth to 4 years or 17kg (max 9kg in the carry cot)
  • Designed with for tall parents and small spaces (or the other way around).
  • The Joolz Day comes complete with chassis, wheels, carrycot & seat, canopy, shopping basket and rain cover.
  • The seat and cot are perfectly positioned to relieve your back when lifting your baby in or out of the Joolz Day.
  • Because of the well thought through design, your baby can join any breakfast, lunch or dinner at table height.
  • The adjustable footrest provides exactly the right support for your baby, at any time; it simply grows in length with your baby and prevents dangling legs.
  • The handlebar can easily be adjusted in height for more space, this gives parents with long legs the right amount of comfort behind their Joolz Day.
  • The safety bar is smartly designed for maximum convenience when lifting your baby in or out of the seat or cot, it can easily be opened with one hand on either side - no uncomfortable twists or turns, just click.
  • The ergonomically designed seat can be reversed and is adjustable in three positions - your child can face you or look into the exciting world.
  • Always an easy ride with the four-wheel-suspension; your baby sits and sleeps comfortably, while you smoothly take turns, bumps and obstacles in the city, on forest trails or outdoors.
  • The Joolz Day can easily be folded into a compact position for practical storage and when folded it will go in almost any cupboard, corner or car, including the seat.
  • The comfortable and practical cot has a hypoallergenic breathable mattress and is also suitable for sleeping at night.
  • Other additional accessories are available for the Joolz Day.
  • Product Weight: 8.4kg, Seat: 3.2kg, Carry cot: 3.7kg.
  • Folded Dimensions: L92 x W62 x H39cm.
  • Package includes one chassis, one carry cot and one toddler seat.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Joolz Day is available by Special Order only and waiting times will apply.

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