Nighty Night room spray relaxes and calms your baby preparing them for a snug & happy sleep

  • Milk Baby Nighty Night Room Spray relaxes and calms your baby, preparing them for the perfect slumber!
  • With just a few sprays, the lavender-based formulation works it’s magic. As the saying goes “you will find your bubba’s eyelids (and yours) are shut before they even hit the pillow”.
  • Nighty Night room spray can be used around the room, including the sleeping area. 
  • Ingredients: 78% certified organic, certified organic lavender oil, certified organic neroli 3% in jojoba oil, certified organic chamomile extract, certified organic ylang ylang oil.
  • Usage: Can be used around the room, including the sleeping area,  all you need to do is put your baby in the pj's, give them their night time feed, change their nappy (always good to be dry before a big sleep!), tuck them into their cot, turn off the lights and listen to the sound of silence,  sweet dreams? Yes please.

NOTE: Due to the nature of the product, minor waiting times may apply on this product to ensure you receive only the freshest product for you and your baby.

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