Prams & Strollers Mandatory Safety Standards

Prams and strollers are the most common and easiest way to transporting your  bub and are likely to be used every day. Infants spend a lot of time in their pram or stroller and so it is vital that these products are as safe as they can be. Injuries suffered by infants in prams and strollers have included wounds to their head or face, crushing injuries and amputations.

In Australia, infants have died when the stroller they were in rolled away from their carer and into hazardous situations.

The new mandatory standard includes critical safety features drawn from the Australian/New Zealand Standard for prams and strollers as well as some new requirements.

The new pram standards include:

* a tether strap to help carers retain control of prams and strollers 

*  restraint harness to prevent falls

* a parking brake

* Safe-use warning labels and safety requirements to prevent entrapment and injury


* Never balance bags on the handles of the pram or stroller—this could cause it to tip over
* Don’t let the child stand up in the pram or stroller as this could cause it to tip over
* Never leave a sleeping child unsupervised in a pram or stroller
* Make sure your pram or stroller has the safety features required by the mandatory standard
* Always use the tether strap provided with your pram or stroller when the parking brake is not engaged
* If you don’t have a tether strap, ask your supplier about buying one separately.
As far as possible, keep the pram or stroller within arm’s reach if a child is in it
* Make sure the child is secured in the safety harness provided with the product at all times


Prams and strollers are designed to move freely—wear the tether strap when walking and employ the parking brake when the pram or stroller is stationary.

Make sure your child is restrained in the safety harness to prevent them falling from the pram or stroller.

If your pram or stroller was purchased before July 08 and does NOT have a tether strap one can be purchased and attached to your pram or stroller. 
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