Hospital Bag Checklist



The due date is drawing closer. You have your baby nursery organised, you have had your car seat installed and all the other essentials have been taken care of. But now you need to pack your bag for you and your baby and where do you start? It can be very overwhelming and instead of trawling the internet for what to pack, we've complied a comprehensive list to help you pack for the addition of your new baby.

We suggest to pack your bags around the 34 week pregnancy mark for singleton pregnancies and 30 weeks for pregnancies where mum is carrying two or more babies, to prepare for an earlier than expected arrival day. The last thing you'll want to do is be packing when you're in labour!

Firstly, we recommend you speak with your hospital or birthing centre to confirm what they do and don't provide. Even if they do provide some necessities, you may like to bring your own if this suits you so that when you leave the hospital, your baby is used to the products you've been using with them during their stay in hospital. The recommended quanities below will vary depending on how long you may be in hospital for. If you are going in for a cesarean section, you may wish to increase the quantities or ask your partner, family member or friend to bring these along as needed during your stay in hospital. Remember, if you take something out of your bag leave a note in the bag reminding you or your partner that it is missing and to replace it as soon as possible.

For Baby


  • 6x Jumpsuits/Sleepsuits
  • 1x Take Home Outfit - a special outfit to wear on the day of being discharged from hospital
  • 1x Cardigan
  • 6x Singlets
  • 3x Pairs of Socks
  • 2x Pairs of Mittens
  • 3x Swaddle Wraps
  • 1x Blanket
  • 3x Pacifiers - this is a personal preference

    Optional: You could also take baby's first soft toy as a momento.

Bath & Change Time

  • Disposable Nappies - we estimate approximately 8-12 nappy changes per day for a newborn
  • 1x Pack of Baby Wipes
  • 1x Pack of Nappy Sacks
  • 1x Change Mat

    Optional: You may prefer to bring your own Baby Shampoo & Conditioner & Baby Wash and your own baby towel.

For Mum


  • 6x Pairs of Panties - some recommend using hospital panties, using disposable pants or purchasing a bulk pack at your nearest department store
  • 3x Nursing Bras or Singlets
  • 1x Dressing Gown
  • 2x Dark Nighties - one for labour and one for post
  • 3x Sets of Pyjamas
  • 3x Sets of Comfortable Clothes
  • 1x Take Home Outfit - a special outfit to wear on the day of being discharged from hospital
  • 1x Set of Swimwear - if you're using a birthing pool or plan to use a shower as a pain relief during labour
  • 3x Pairs of Socks
  • 1x Pair of Slippers
  • 1x Pair of Flip Flops - for use in the shower


  • 2x Packs of Maternity Pads
  • 1x Mini Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash
  • 1x Can of Dry Shampoo - you may not get a chance to wash your hair but you can freshen it up
  • 1x Moisturiser
  • 1x Pack of Face Wipes
  • 1x Flushable Wipes - to keep fresh down there between pad changes
  • 1x Lip Moisturiser - we recommend a Paw Paw based balm
  • Hair Brush, Ties & Bobby Pins
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

    Optional: You may like to bring your makeup to freshen up your face.

Feeding Time

  • 9x Pairs of Breast Pads
  • 3x Terry Towelling Nappy Squares or Burp Cloths

For Breast Feeding

  • 1x Pair of Nipple Shields - perfect for use with flat, inverted, sore or cracked nipples
  • 1x Lanolin Cream Tube - to soothe and protect nipples during breastfeeding

For Bottle Feeding

  • 5x Baby Bottles & Teats
  • 1x Tin of your preferred baby formula


  • Medicare Card, Private Health Insurance Card (if applicable), Birth Plan & any other pregnancy related documents
  • Mobile Phone & Charger
  • Digital Camera (plus spare batteries & memory cards)
  • Spare Change for the vending machines
  • Drinks & Snacks 
  • 1x Large Hand Sanitiser - to keep the germs away from your precious new baby
  • 1x Box of Tissues
  • 1x Nursing Pillow
  • 2x Plastic Bags - to keep dirty clothes away from the clean ones
  • Notebook & Pen

    Optional: You might like to bring some accessories to assist during labor like Massage Oils, iPod & Portable Speaker, Heat/Cold Packs, TENS Machine, even a Yoga Ball. Remember, if you have your partner or a support person for labour, it may be a great idea for them to bring a spare change of clothes, underwear, toothbrush and deodorant to freshen up. 

Article Last Updated: April 2016
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