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Bubs Baby Shops was established by husband and wife team, Guy and Meagan Hinze. Upon falling pregnant with their first child the then Police Officer and Bank Teller had a frustrating experience trying to locate a store on the Sunshine Coast with quality baby goods. Larger department stores had some range but a significant lack in service, with not trained staff  just young inexperienced attendants. The couple founded their first store “Noosa Bubs” in March 2000 with $24k in a 160sqm shed in the Noosaville industrial estate. The couple had no business experience with Meagan taking leave from her position as Head Teller at the Bank of Queensland and guy remaining in the Police Service. The first child “Rhylee”, the inspiration was 4 months old at the time.

The couple built the business on customer service by imparting their recently learnt knowledge of products and sharing their experiences as new parents with parents to be. This was often done with Rhylee as the model, demonstrating everything from how to use carry pushes to walkers and prams as she grew older. A year had passed as the business continued to grow Noosa Bubs employed their first staff member in April 2001. The couple now had someone to help them with the growing demand of the business and an active 18 month old Rhylee.

In September 2001, with Noosa Bubs open two years and upon falling pregnant with their second child - Guy Hinze made a decision to resign from his career as a Police Officer in order to be full time in the business. This allowed Guy to take more workload off Meagan as she travelled through her second pregnancy. Sixth months later in march 2002, after being open 2 years the business was devastated by a fire which completely destroyed the building and two other tenants. The business was still only insured for its original stock holding at opening which failed to cover the amount of stock on account owed to suppliers which was now destroyed. A month later the couples second child “Ethan” was born. 

With no careers to return to, no business, inadequate insurance, and 2 young child, the couples outlook was bleak. Eventually after insurance was settled the couple found new location and decided to rebuild. Rather than declare bankruptcy and using the insurance for limited financial security, a decision was made to pay wholesalers the money owed to them. This expired all the insurance claim and left some debt.

However in return, wholesalers offered stock in extended trading terms and supported Bubs to get back and operational. The counter and every piece of furniture that could was be salvaged was cleaned and re-used. After three troubling months Noosa Bubs was reopened in a new premises with little to no money as capital and only wholesalers support via credit terms.

Bubs Baby Shops Staff

Nine years later to present day the now re-named “Bubs Baby Shops” have 8 stores, an e-commerce website, distribution centre and nearly 100 staff. Most stores are approximately 1200sqm in size and located in Homemaker Centres in QLD and NSW. Bubs Baby Shops are known for having the best presented stores in the country and highly trained and experienced staff with customer service as a priority. The couples aim was and still is to provide the customer with a unique experience in a well presented shopping environment this is befitting the joy and emotion of having children.

Bubs staff members undergo extensive training to provide customers with the best insight, non biased opinions and feedback on all products they sell. Bubs have access to all major brands but choose to stock only the best range of products chosen by a team of experienced staff. Bubs therefore values customer feedback to ensure they are providing products that enhance peoples lives and their experience in raising children. With still the original owners, having resisted offers of mergers and takeovers by larger competitors, Bubs is truly a family business that was started by starting a family. Visit your nearest store for an experience that is more than you’re expecting. Bubs also welcomes any feedback from their customers in an effort to continue to be a industry leader and provide the level of service that the business what it is today.







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