The Pea Pods Starter Carton is great as a present or to start your own Pea Pods Modern Cloth Nappy Collection.

  • Pea Pods are reusable, with the ability to save you around $1000 a year compared to disposable nappies
  • Simple to use - insert the  Absorber Insert and they are instantly ready to use
  • Adjustable fasteners create a perfect fit for each individual child - no need for pins or pilchers
  • The Absorber Insert (made from blend of natural fibres, bamboo & cotton)  allows great absorption for up to 4 hours & provides antibacterial properties
  • Outer Layer provides waterproofing and allows the skin to breathe
  • Microfleece Lining draws moisture away, helps prevent nappy rash and provides a soft comfortable wear for baby
  • Coutoured back elastic and shaped leg casing are designed to create a snug fit
  • Night Boosters, in conjunction with the Absorber Inserts can provide up to 12 hours overnight protection
  • Easy to wash
  • Each Pea Pod Nappy comes with its own travel/wet bag

The Pea Pods Reusable Nappy Starter Carton includes:
5 x Pea Pods and 1 x Night Booster
(Standard Pea Pods colours include 1 x Cream, 2 x White & 2 x Pastel Green - please note, depending on availability, colours in packs may vary)

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