The wonderful designed NEW Coolpads from Fridge To Go, give children cool releif for those knocks & bumbs or simply under the weather.

  • Small children and babies are particularly susceptible to fever, and while medicines are working their magic, new CoolPads can start to give some instant cool relief for fever and headaches for children as young as 12 months and are great for cooling down little heads on hot days
  • The ingenious little cooling patches stay cool for up to two hours when placed safely around a head with a strap that adapts to child/baby’s forehead (from 12 months+)
  • Re-usable and environmentally friendly, they are easy to use, lead free and PVC safe
  • To prepare, simply remove the special ‘chill factor’ panel from the Cool Pad after purchase and place the panel in the freezer (should initially be given overnight to cool sufficiently)
  • Once the panel is initially cooled it can be popped back into the special compartment of the CoolPad and closed with the zip
  • The CoolPad can then be strapped around the head to provide instant cooling relief with no need for wet cloths, ice packs or packets of frozen peas!
  • After use, simply pop the panel back in the freezer for next time
  • The CoolPad comes with a spare panel, so one is always frozen and ready to use

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