The Infa Roamer Plus is a Convertible Booster Seat that provides the comprehensive protection needed for your child when travelling

  • To be used in  forward-facing position with built in harness for children whose shoulders are above the lower height marker (approximately 6 months of age ) until their shoulders reach the middle height marker (approximately 4 years of age)
  • Then to be used with a lap sash seat belt until their shoulders reach the upper height marker (approximately 6-8 years.)
  • The strong blow moulded construction helps absorb the energy in an accident with large absorbing side wings for side impact protection.
  • The Infa Roamer booster is a stylish seat that has numerous features that will ensure your child will travel in comfort and safety.
  • It's safety features offer increased protection to infants when travelling, such as a high back rest which helps to protect the back and head portion of children in accidents.
  • Improved belt routing giving an even greater level of stability and reducing forward movement on impact in an accident.

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