The Natural Touch™ feeding bottle easy designed to make breast feeding and bottle feeding work better together. It features the new Nuby Breast Size Teat which closely mimics the natural shape, texture and function of a mothers breast.

  • Nuby Natural Touch™ Feeding Bottle 150ml
  • Polypropylene Bottle with Slow Flow Silicone Teat. Includes Formula Dispenser
  • The Natural Touch™ Silicone Teat mimics the natural contour and size of a mothers nipple. This familiar shape and size allows for easier acceptance and latch on
  • The teat gently flexes and elongates like mother’s nipples. Not only does this feel more natural but it also allows your baby to position the teat at the correct angle for feeding
  • Air vents in the Natural Touch™ Teat allow air to enter the bottle as your baby drinks. This reduces the vacuum thereby helping to reduce the chances of colic

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